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Our story started long ago. There were four clans that lived in the mountains. Thunderclan, Windclan, Riverclan, and Shadowclan. They were all good clans with well-fed cats but then danger broke loose. Shadowclan was the first. Shadowclan attacked Windclan demanding more territory but Windclan demanded territory from Thunderclan. Riverclan demanded territory from Shadowclan. And Thunderclan demanded territory from Riverclan. Our ancestors knew that this wasn't the best way to deal with this situation but the leaders demanded to have more territory. While the leaders argued, the forgot how to protect their clan and all the clanmates in the clan died listening to their leader. Starclan knew what would became of this but said nothing. Driven mad, the leaders decided to recreate their kind to keep the cat race going and to do better for their clan. But it seems that the clanmates want revenge. They left their kits and loved ones to die. Now, they want payback. Will they get it or something much more?